Do clothes maketh the man? Is artwork essential to complete that bootleg? On my part, one (poor) excuse for not having a comprehensive art section is, simply, a lack of a proper printer. That really de-motivates. Another reason is lack of bandwidth here on Geocities.

Opinions differ. When you see some of the fantastic covers that real fans produce, you almost wish that all commercial releases are crafted with as much thought and care. Some of Trace Hull’s Replacements cover art is just too good to be true.

On the other hand, a bootleg is a bootleg. A bootleg that has proper cover-art is but a pseudo-commercial release. Anyway, it’s the music that matters, right? Well, not quite. The individuality of cover-artists is no mere embellishment; it enhances the boot without ridding it of its bootleg-ness. If you see what I mean …

So here goes, a haphazard collection of links to cover-art that’s relevant to the music on this site.

The Replacements & Paul Westerberg:
The Replacements –
Steve’s Replacements Exchange

Bruce Springsteen:
John Joyce’s Bruce Springsteen Artwork Links Page
Ultimate artworks
Bruce Trade
Flynn’s DIY art

Bootleg cover art links
Artwork at

Jeff Buckley bootlegs
Jeff Buckley Kingdom for a kiss
Jeff Buckley 2
John Donne’s Van Morrison site
The Jackson Browne artwork site


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