CDR Trading links

Everything you wanted to know about this hobby:

2. FAQ

Links are always a good way to start. Here’s a couple of leads which will point you in the right direction.

First thing to do is to understand how to access newsgroups. These are great places to do research and its also a good place to meet potential traders.

Try or join the yahoo Jackson Browne Group or your favourite band’s mailing list. Understand what a “tree” is (look here and here). Go to the many tree sites – like the Neil Young hempsall site and the Dylan site.

Lossless formats: a short introduction
I recommend using FLAC Frontend above SHN. Both are lossless conversion programmes but the compression ratio (file size) of FLAC is 15% less than SHN. This means less drive space usage, less bandwidth etc.

Plus, the other important issue with FLAC is its 24 bit capability. Most importantly, however, FLAC is still in development with new updates while SHN is a “dead software”.


FLAC Homepage and FLAC FAQ

etree Wiki – FLAC

FLAC – How to …

Lossless formats – a comparison

The basics – SHN / MKW information

The software – Michael K. Weise’s homepage MKW

Audio Buyer’s Guide SHN report and Some SHN resources


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