I live somewhere in Asia, but don’t let that discourage you from trading with me! I don’t bite and sending six CDs from the States will cost you $3.80 plus 23 seconds of your time filling in those Green customs forms. Need a hand?

Fundamental principles:

* This is a hobby of mine. None of the shows listed are for sale.
* Never re-sell a bootleg; never pay for a bootleg.
* Absolutely no mp3s. This is the lowest rung of the musical evolutionary ladder. Sound compressed to this degree is bound to lose its magic. Click here to learn why mp3 sourced material is not desirable.
* If you have any questions or would like to learn more about CDR trading, look here at this CDR FAQ.

General Trading Rules:

I hope I don’t come across as being a nasty little fascist in this regard, but trading should be an enjoyable, hassle-free hobby. Unfortunately, I’ve received discs with defects – pops, transition clicks, 2-second gaps on live shows. I don’t want them! This simple set of guidelines ought to ensure a happy trading experience for both of us.

* Never, ever burn “on the fly” (or copy direct from CD to CD-R). Rather, first extract the files onto your hard disk and then burn these onto the CD-R. This is how someone describes the process:

“It’s like building a house, and only being given the first page of layouts the day you start, and getting the second page the next day, etc. You need the whole thing before you start digging. And that is what [copying the files] to HD does. It lays it all out and fills it in properly” – Jeff.

* Newer CD-R burners can burn at 52x. This is great for data but not good for audio. Keep it at 8x or 16x.
* Always record DAO; never record TAO.
* Please, don’t use unbranded discs! Do not use unbranded/generic CDs as extraction is impossible and the discs themselves become unreadable over time. Use a branded CD-R. Sonys are fine.
* Please do not write on the discs; just write the details (artist, date, venue) on a separate sheet of paper.
* Jewel cases usually break in transit while adding to postage costs – 2 good reasons why I don’t mail them.
* Artwork is generally not included; set lists, however, are.
* Ratings are almost always subjective. Email for quality / sound questions.

Burning principles:

For those interested in how I do things.

* CDs are extracted using Exact Audio Copy, a program I recommend. Visit their website to learn more.
* CDs are burned on a TDK Cyclone CD-Writer (its brand new!), or a Sony external DVD-RW, using Nero.
* I record at 8x and use either Sony or, when I find them, Taiyo Yuden discs. If you have a preference, let me know.


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